Thanks Marty for the awesome letter! So happy to help you sell your North Van townhome and buy your dream home!

“A kid, a banker and a kayaker find help from local realtor to save them from the transformation of their neighbourhood”! Not really a headline, but that’s how it felt. We needed to get out of our townhouse and upgrade swiftly; our boy was 7 years old, we wanted space for a sailboat and outdoor nature space, lots more space! Reality is, North Van is pricey and I don’t like big debt. Conundrum, I want ski all time, wife wants big job…what do we do? Sunrise. I walked my kid to school at Ridgeway elementary, then I walked down to Lonsdale street thinking about this conundrum, and my next coffee.

Crossing 3rd, steep downhill, no coffee in hand yet, then slam the BRAKES!!!  I almost spilled my imaginary coffee. There it was! Pictures, just pictures everywhere on the window, homes for sale. Above, a rather nice sign “Macdonald Realty”. Hum!? I figured they must know who could give me a kinda cheap price for this whole, sell your house thing. I figured there must be a cheap option I wasn’t aware of. All I had to do is walk in slowly and ask. I asked ten questions rather quickly to the receptionist and she just told me someone could answer all this right now. I was guided to a little chill zone office by the window, right behind all those pictures.

Lisa Richardson’s first words were “would you like a coffee” I think? But whatever, the next half hour or so was the most decisive moment of my year. Lisa became our realtor, sold our townhouse just before Christmas as we had hoped, helped us buy our dream Vancouver Island home on a whim a couple of months ago, and now I finally own my dream home, a stone’s throw from the best beach ever, yacht club and.. I don’t golf, but golf club.


In the end, I had a vision in my mind of who would help us make the biggest decision ever. Lisa was on a warrior on a mission getting the job done, with huge workloads and time commitments to us. We were the lucky ones. Now, the only bigger and better thing we want in life is larger sailboat to make the world our backyard.

Thanks Lisa Richardson


Marty Perry, Diana and Connor.

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